Hello guys this is sparkraters and in this article you are going to read the movie review of last year’s academy award nominated film in many categories including the best picture, “Lion”.

The film starring Dev patel, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara, and a boy named sunny pawar who played a poor boy in the film and himself came from a poor place so that the acting could look like natural. The film is directed by Garth davis.



This film is about a boy named saroo who lives in a place named Ganesh Talai with his mother, his elder brother and his small sister. His mother used to pick rocks and saroo being small help her pick small rocks and his brother who always do some other work like labor work and other type of stuff. Saroo one day Guddu, Saroo’s elder brother was going for work at night and saroo wanted to come with him after saying no he didn’t listened and Guddu decided to take saroo with him. When they reached the place saroo was sleeping so he left saroo on the station warning not to go anywhere else he will return soon. Saroo when woke up he was shocked not knowing that his brother is not with him so he searched for him and misleadingly docked on a train which was completely empty and no passengers in it. Saroo was alone in the train in the hope that his brother would come find him. And he slept in the train and when he woke up he found that he is in Kolkata, a city in West Bengal, India facing a lot of troubles in Kolkata one day he met a man accidently who took him to the police and when police can’t find his parents he was escorted to a special place where missing children are kept saroo was kept there for many days and one day he came to know that he is going to be adopted by a couple residing In Australia. And after 25 years of life saroo started to have some flashbacks of his past about the incidents he faced, the good moments the bad moments with his mother and brother the place he used to live the beauty of the place he lived he started feeling so obsessed and stressed. His life has changed emotionally very much he used to see his brother sitting next to him and talking to him. He started having dreams about the place he lived. One day his friends told him about a new program launched by Google named Google earth with the help of which he can find his home and his biological mother and brother and one day he was successful at it. Finally he found his home in India and went there and met with his mother with a happy but sad ending sad is just because his brother died the day saroo lost. Guddu was finding saroo and accidently hit by a train and died on the spot.



Talking about the quality of the film the film is Amazing or I must say beautiful the direction of the movie was more amazing than any of the other factors in the movie. The background music score filled every scene in the movie with a complete new experience. I can’t imagine what the movie would have been without that music score. The acting of all the cast was fantastic and was very relatable I loved that too in the film. The presentation and cinematography was beautiful. The shots from various angles and styles make the film very nice to watch. And in short, if you watch the film you will definitely will have a beautiful feeling and I am sure about that, you will start to feel happy and feel nice believe me guys go watch this movie if you are in search of good films like this.



I think the film deserves a rating of 3.5 out of 5

3.5 stars





I Think the film deserves 4 out of 5

4 stars


So guys hope you liked the review and as i always say to you



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  1. Then I must say you have an amazing choice.


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