Hello guys this is Sparkraters and today you are going to read the movie review of the movie Django unchained.

The film starring Jamie foxx, Leonardo dicaprio, Christoph waltz, Samuel L. Jackson and many others. And is directed by Quentin Tarantino who was also the director of one of the amazing movies like pulp fiction, The Hateful eight, Inglorious Bastards and many others which have set some awesome benchmarks in hollywood which are hard to reach.


This film is said to be the story of that time when america was a country in which the black people were treated like goods. They were bought they were sold. They were auctioned. No one treated them like human beings. Mr. Quentin beautifully presented those situations of that time. Now the film is the story of a black man named Django who was a slave and getting transferred to another owner or we can say getting sold. There a bounty hunter named Dr. Schultz came and Help django escape the slavery and lead a happy and free life just django has to help Dr. Schultz recognizing a criminal who has a bounty on his head dead or alive. After killing those criminals Django worked with Dr. Schultz to collect money from bounty hunting and after that season they could both go their own ways but Django wanted to save her wife whose name was Broomhilda and she was also a slave but she was working on the fields of Calvin Candie. Who was a rich farm owner and had interest in betting in the sport of Nigga fighting. So they both goes to Mr. candie and asked for buying a fighter and Django played a role of a nigga fighter analyst in that rescue operation. They both made an offer of nearly 12000$ to Mr. Candie who can’t refuse the amazing offer. So after listening to this Candie amazingly treated both of them. But suddenly Candie came to know about the relationship between Django and Broomhilda and refused to sell any fighter unless Dr. Schultz made him the payment for the fighter in full. And this led to a Raging amount of twists and turns in the movie regarding the lead characters. And in the end Django and broomhilda lived a happy and glorious free life with no slavery and full freedom to do anything they wanted.


Talking finally about the film, I must say that the film is amazing. The film is thrilling, the acting of the complete cast was amazing. The way of story telling by mr. Tarantino was beautiful and nice. The problem of color and class discrimination at that point of time in america was beautifully showed by mr. Quentin Tarantino in this amazing movie. The film literally feels like you are seeing a fairy tale but a fairy tale in a different manner in which the protagonist is a bounty hunter and kills peoples.


I think the film definately deserves a rating of 4 out of 5 stars


The vfx shots were nice and hence deserve 3 star rating out of 5


Looking at all the factors the film must receive a rating of 4 stars as well out of 5

Thank you guys for reading this article hope you liked it and will continue liking us this way. Thank you so much for reading.



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