Hello guys this is sparkraters and in this article I will be reviewing the Tv Series sherlock.

Well there were many characters in this series but the main characters were Sherlock holmes whose character is being played by Benedict cumberbatch, Dr. Watson’s character is played by Martin freeman, Mycroft holmes is played by Mark Gatiss, And andrew scott played the Character of criminal mastermind Professor Jim moriarty and believe me guys I am his fan after watching the series.



Well the storyline of this series is not very complex and i am not going to tell you anything about it because I don’t want to spread any spoilers amongst you guys. So this series starts with dr. Watson in the scene in which he met sherlock for the first time Via a mutual friend and after that they both share their rooms because dr. Watson was searching for a room in london at cheaper rate and sherlock was searching for a room partner to share the rates and bills. So afterwards dr. Watson came to find that sherlock is a eccentric high functioning sociopath. And they both meet and try to solve some serious cases which all are in the end connected to a criminal mastermind Jim Moriarty who wanted to kill sherlock in the end and want to have a huge amount of loss to the country.



Finally talking about the series I can say that it is one of the best tv series i have ever watched in my entire life. Like the performance of all the characters was awesome the plot of the story was awesome the presentation, Direction, Screenplay, everything was beyond comparison and the best thing i liked about this series was the villain Like andrew scott in sherlock was my most favorite villains of all times. He moves in his different style and swag. That style tears my heart apart. Like he perfectly fits and suits the character of jim moriarty. So i can say that if you haven’t  watched this series yet so guys go watch it quickly.



I think this series deserves a rating of 4.5 out of 5

4.5 stars


well this is a simple thriller crime series so doesn’t got so much of high end visual effects so no ratings for those


I think this series deserves the overall rating of 4 out of 5.
4 stars

So guys hope you liked this review and if not please comment down below the reason and some facts if you have some. Otherwise just appreciate the article. we’ll be glad if you do. 



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